A coworker brought a French press as well as kettles and everything to our office.

Thank heavens for coworkers like this.

The coffee tastes fucking delicious.

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    Mais de rien, mon ami! Hon hon
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    You're welcome ;) I do stuff like that too. I can assure you it's not all altruistic. We just usually are the biggest coffee junkies in the office and would hate to go without ;)
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    @M1sf3t random fact: the inventor of the Bialetti coffee makers was buried in an urn the shape of the coffee maker. Lol
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    @M1sf3t very good question. I might need to research that
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    @CoffeeNcode in his case he heard me mention that it would be nice to have a French press for the office for which he said that he was gonna bring me one.

    I am spoiled like that.
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    @CoffeeNcode I am interested in said information. Please share

    @AleCx04 Now, will you just enjoy what you have, or try to see how far you can take it?
    "Man, imagine if we had pink sleepers with bunny ears at work?"
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