Okay. I'm picking Vue.

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    Any experience with other framework?
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    With the new hooks in react and now in Vue, I don't find any difference between them for my usage. Maybe a web dev can highlight which is better at what
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    @devTea @gitpush
    I have never used any other framework. I'm picking Vue to start with because:

    1. Open source
    2. Easier to learn than others from what I've read online.
    3. I'll only be needing it for simple applications.
    4. 'Vue' sounds nice.
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    @-red Well it is easier than React IMO, good luck getting started
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    @-red vue code does looks cleaner, but I would say react is easier if you know how to do what they do with vanilla js

    Psst, react is just a vanilla js
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    @gitpush none is really better. They all do the same thing and are performant enough. For me the choice comes down to the ecosystem/jobs and syntax. And jobwise thats react or angular in my country.
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    @devTea no it isn't. it also uses JSX.
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    @mjones44 JSX is just a syntactic sugar that writes html with js, other than state it’s just plain js. Teact even need to handle state changes on input manually unlike vue/angular, that’s why I called react closest to vanilla js
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    @devTea I mean you, by that logic you could argue that even Vue Single File Component format is just some syntactic sugar for JS and XHTML...
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    @mjones44 vue syntax looks more like a framework tho, v-for, v-model. Btw I’m not arguing which one is better
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    @devTea I'm not either. I'm just interested as to what exactly "looks more like a framework" really means I guess. v-for, v-if are really just data attributes picked up by vanilla js
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