Okay. I'm picking Vue.

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    Any experience with other framework?
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    With the new hooks in react and now in Vue, I don't find any difference between them for my usage. Maybe a web dev can highlight which is better at what
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    @devTea @gitpush
    I have never used any other framework. I'm picking Vue to start with because:

    1. Open source
    2. Easier to learn than others from what I've read online.
    3. I'll only be needing it for simple applications.
    4. 'Vue' sounds nice.
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    @-red Well it is easier than React IMO, good luck getting started
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    @-red vue code does looks cleaner, but I would say react is easier if you know how to do what they do with vanilla js

    Psst, react is just a vanilla js
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    @gitpush none is really better. They all do the same thing and are performant enough. For me the choice comes down to the ecosystem/jobs and syntax. And jobwise thats react or angular in my country.
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    @devTea no it isn't. it also uses JSX.
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    @mjones44 JSX is just a syntactic sugar that writes html with js, other than state it’s just plain js. Teact even need to handle state changes on input manually unlike vue/angular, that’s why I called react closest to vanilla js
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    @devTea I mean you, by that logic you could argue that even Vue Single File Component format is just some syntactic sugar for JS and XHTML...
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    @mjones44 vue syntax looks more like a framework tho, v-for, v-model. Btw I’m not arguing which one is better
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    @devTea I'm not either. I'm just interested as to what exactly "looks more like a framework" really means I guess. v-for, v-if are really just data attributes picked up by vanilla js
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    Yeah buddy! Lightweight baby!
    Watch out Angular and React
    💪 😎
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    @-red Indeed it sounds nice. I know you are familiar with:
    Model Vue Controller = MVC right? Yeah buddy! Lighweight baby!
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    Good choice, Vue is cleaner. Even though every component has its own css, template and js in one file it is separated unlike in react. Don't forget to use Pug for your templates and use vuex/create an EventBus so that you can pass values between components and not just from parent components to child components.
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