I sorta have always separated the two. (dating and software) However, I'm very much career oriented and that has caused issues. But there are always bigger issues as well 😛

(You really think being a dev negatively impacts more than being a businessman or lawyer???? Your chances are pretty good, trust me! No one is gonna hate you because of your career choices, at the very least!)

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    I think it's moreso the fact that we spend a lot of time on our computers outside of work with the general (stereotypical, but often true?) lacking of social skills within this profession that fuels the idea we can't get a date.

    Like a lawyer is an eloquent speaker and is definitely not shy, since their job depends on convincing people something happened, when most of the time it didn't.

    But I mean, if someone is so shallow they won't date you just bc you're a programmer, then it's a win that you don't have to spend time with what's likely an unbearable dickhead.
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