you’re wrong :-D credits flavio

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    The only correct answer would be "True"
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    Hot chocolate with marshmallows please.
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    @Sumafu some languages (for example Python) will actually return the last evaluated expression in conditionals. print('a' or 'b') outputs 'a', and print('a' and 'b') outputs 'b'
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    Well, it's actually wrong. It should be 'coffee'
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    I'm confused by this"rant". On one hand, it's very funny; on the other hand, it's totally not dev related so what the hell is it doing here, this is not 9gag!
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    @thedevdevil it’s tagged with joke/meme
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    Is not coffee nor tea. This is devRant so @devTea
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    Wrong ! It's @devTea
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    Yeah correct..
    It would have been a Dev related Meme if
    Passenger had said "tea" and
    air hostess had answered as
    "Wrong it's Coffee"

    In python print ("Coffee" or "tea")
    >> Coffee

    Let me be honest sometimes wrong kind of Dev meme doesn't let me sleep..
    I think it's OCD of some kind.
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    @Hackshay I actually didn't know that about Python, and I consider myself a Python God. I would have guessed True because I expect the result of a "or" operation to always return a bool. Well, lesson in humility learned, I'll go as semi-God for a week
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