I'm invited to a meeting tomorrow to talk to a customer - provide advice.

I'm already working as fulltime sw engineer, what should I do if the customer asks if I'm available, and should I be honest that I'm already fulltime hired?

Not sure how to act tbh...

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    When he asks when you will be available respond within the lines of "I need to check my calendar because I have other clients and let me get back to you"
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    Just be honest, if you legitimately have time to work them in to your schedule, tell them but be realistic about the timeline and effort you can put into it. If not tell them when you can or refer them to someone else that you know will suit their needs.
    Your not helping anyone by biting off more than you can chew and despite whatever you do manage to pull off, in the end you’ll most likely find that you’ve done nothing but damage your reputation as a developer.
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    Meeting went good. Thanks for the tips.
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