Y'all know those classes where you get 100s on the assignments and understand the material, and participate in class discussions, but get low 50s on the tests?

yea. Fuck those classes.

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    It be like that man.
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    Clearly you haven’t taken any advanced math classes.

    More like: spend 8 hours every night on the proofs, get maybe one out of eight of them figured out, get somewhere between 0 and 20% on the assignment and low 40s on the exams, and end up getting an 80% final grade because the class was curved so vigorously for how insanely impossible it was

    Little comfort considering you lost 30 pounds and started therapy because of the class

    Everything else in school was fine after i finished 5 terms of abstract algebra
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    @FrodoSwaggins Fuck proofs man.

    I did so fucking many between discrete math and calculus and it still makes little to no sense lol
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    @Stuxnet that’s just it though. I got a 4.0 every term I took calculus. Galois theory and topology made it look like a joke. Cried myself to sleep every night, broke up with my girlfriend and even got in a fight with my advisor. Crazy times
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    @FrodoSwaggins Everyone told me I was dumb to major in comp sci as much as I hate math.

    They were correct lol.

    I now major in IT 😂
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    @Stuxnet let the good times roll
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    @FrodoSwaggins Nothing advanced, no. Highest class I took was calc 1, and I got to skip stats somehow.
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