The code for some of the backend of my 100% custom media server in front of the blurred frontend of my media server. It just looks cool

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    It looks cool! However I would not want to program with that. I think all I would do is trying to determine what's behind it.
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    @Traser I know exactly what's behind it :P I've ripped all of the DVD's myself, and downloaded the cover images from the web. Lots of work, but the product is incredible.
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    Are you using 8 spaces for indentation? Isn't it a bit much? 😅
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    @hack I'm actually using tabs, because you can configure how many spaces tabs count for in editor settings, which makes the most sense.

    And Systemd uses 9, I think, which isn't a great example (Cus people hate that program) but it's a large part of Linux now :P
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    I tried recreating 'Plex' in my own way. Did it using ElectronJS. Wasn't disappointed.
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    So... You've put your backend in on front of your frontend?
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    @hack apparently 8 spaces isn't a bit much, it's a byte much (please don't kill me haha)
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    @kenogo Meh, no, it's just something I have running on an old PC with Ubuntu server a 2 TB hard drive. I dont feel like publishing it. Me any my family just watch movies and TV from it.
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    The moment your backend becomes the frontend
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