I'm gonna flex and tell that I've got a new Switch. My family and friends are really the best.

Thanks to them I also got to know that thief that stole my original Switch is named Stephan.

So I also want to thank you, Stephan, you thieving fuck. I hope you'll have fun with my console. I know that the police won't do shit since you are living in different country, so you can feel safe.

I've lost most of my games along with the console, cause I'm an idiot, but if anyone want to add me to their friend list here's my code:


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    So it was stolen after all? Dahmnnn son 😐

    I'ma add ya later if I can remind myself
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    @karma Yeah, this guy blocked all my friendd and changed username. Luckily he hasn't bought anything with my money.
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    @Agred I'd surely hope he'd have to re-enter your credentials for that?
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    @karma Dunno really. As I said earlier I'm an idiot. He didn't buy anything so thats that.
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    Somebody stole your networking switch? Was the thief a hard core network engineer?

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    @ftyross I was waiting for this joke πŸ˜€
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    Hack your new Switch, transfer his profile and then get his ass beaned for it.
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    @Parzi It's possible? I gotta google/duckduckgo it.
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    @Agred it's been possible to hack Switches for a while now.
    Start here: https://www.gbatemp.net
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    @Agred Somebody had to make it...
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