5% of the content on the internet has cultural value and the rest is just pure trash. 4.9% of that quality content is basically instructions on how to build things for the internet. (I didn’t really fact check those numbers - but I’m pretty sure I’m correct)

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    “I don't care to fact check” – yep, there's another one contributing to the 95% you're claiming.
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    Does porn count to the 5% or the 95%?
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    @metamourge: Obviously the 95%, otherwise there has to be a LOT of porn about web design.
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    @7400 I thought the interracials were specifically to satisfy WCAG 2.0 contrast requirements?
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    @Fast-Nop: I don't think I've ever thought about handicapped-accesible porn before (and if Ihad looked for it I'm sure I would have wound up with something entirely different). Crazy.
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    @7400 so we will start a startup for producing that?
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    @electrineer: Throw some ML into the mix. For autogenerating subtitles/voiceover, improving the contrast for important features, etc. The investors will shower you in money. Especially if you figure out how to put a blockchain in it.
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    I might have to go over my Thesis here... because I think of pornhub or redtube as just one ‘thing’ each / where as - I think of each post on a click-bait blog as an equally weighted thing.
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    5% of video on internet are porn. Another 95% are kids play fortnite.
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