So I have a very important question. I don’t really contribute on Github because I’m not good with any code that isn’t mine, I don’t understand it I don’t know why they did it or if I would have come up with it and I especially don’t know how to add on to it or fix it.. am I hopeless?

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    I have yet to find a person who is hopeless in code. So you are probably not homeless.
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    I used to be like that six months ago, until I got hired into a team working with a 100k+ LOC code base. It's jarring at the beginning. But you just look around and start small. What does this method do? Where is it used? What methods does it use? And given enough time, you begin to get a feel for that code base.

    You'll never know what the author was thinking, but don't try for details like that, just try to get a broader picture of what is going on. Code is logic, after all, it may be convoluted but you can follow it.
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