Right now I have all these ideas in my head that I want to do after my exams are over, but I feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I came up with, from finally starting to learn how to create and develop my own website to video editing for a small documentary that I want to do on my city just to train these skills.
If that is not enough, summer is here and I want to do lots of stuff with friends and my gf.
Any ideas how I can manage all of this?

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    Clone yourself and let the clone work while you have fun
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    @Avyiel I tried that... Aight, here's the truth: you're the clone that I created for that but rebelled after 2 weeks and now has a life on it's own, so thx for nothing... Clone.
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    hey you know what? That's a good situation to learn agile / scrum and kanban! 😃

    This allows you to break your projects down in smaller pieces. In future job interviews you can say that you're used to work with agile. Huge plus.

    scrum guide

    Personal Kanban method

    kanban software
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    @heyheni thx for the suggestions I'll check them out, kanban seems like a good fit to manage this stuff :)
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