Recently met this girl and she told me that she had gone on a date with another Software Engineer recently.
I asked her why it didn't work out..
She told that he started every single sentence with "I am going to assume that you know nothing about this" and went on to explain the most boring shit while assuming that she was a dumbass.
To the poor Software Engineer, you missed out on a great gal.

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    So Im going to assume that you know nothing about girls
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    “How much do you know about X?” *process answer, craft explanation based on other human’s prior knowledge, checking in to gauge interest and understanding* Human interaction isn’t that difficult, people. If the other person interrupts you to talk about something different, you know their interest in what you’re talking about is low. Check for eye contact, check for microexpressions. If the other person’s eye starts twitching, they’re probably trying to follow what you’re saying but got lost. Key to human interaction is providing a safety zone. If your intent is actually to get understanding, establish that you make no judgment about their current understanding and take ownership that any lack of understanding following your monologue is most likely a reflection on your ability to teach rather than their intelligence. If your intent isn’t to gain understanding, why are you wasting another human’s time just to mock them?
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