Lol relatable

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    counting is not the same thing as indexing. nobody fucking counts from zero.
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    Is that a pear laptop or what?
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    Man if onlu I get a penny everytime i see this
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    @mjones44 might possibly be a joke 🤔
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    @asgs it just might be! Also might be a sticker or something.
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    @UndeadFirefly how many would you have? 🤔
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    @mjones44 agree and disagree.

    Counting - accumulating number of elements.
    Indexing - giving each element a position (or rather other way around, each position gets an element).

    Counting always starts from 0. For example, 0 length array.
    Indexing may start from whatever number your programming language would like to start from (usually 0, sometimes 1).

    The guy in the image is indexing elements and not counting them, so he used the wrong verb.
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    @konicm8ker yeah it's just this has been posted here so many times and it doesn't actually even make sense
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    This called yellow from where am from!

    Poor illustration
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