God is the master programmer, Discuss citing various object oriented design concepts that he used. 😂

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    God doesn't use object oriented programming languages
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    I'm with @beegC0de.

    I believe that The Very Holy Bible In Which Everything Is True Because It Is Written In This Book But Nevermind The Recursive Definition Because It Will Overflow Your Stack - speculated to have been written by a Gang of Four saints of immense nerdity back in the fabled days when no JS framework yet existed - mentions man being created with God as its prototype, clearly indicating a primitive prototype-based language known today as JavaScript. A group of total madlads later went on to ignore the warning in the title and attempted to study this accursed problem by creating the website StackOverflow. (Many discussions have been had and the blasphemers rejoiced and the managers quaked in their boots. But I digress.)

    The first line in The Bible simply states that:

    > let man = Object.create(this)

    Where "this" is simultaneously undefined (or the great void as Taoists would call it), everything (the surrounding context, universe itself), and God.

    JavaScript was originally named JahScript or YahScript, short for YahwehScript, the scripting language of God. This also explains why God is batshit crazy.
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