This belongs to the small bunch of things that makes me feel that life is beautiful.
For a pretty long time, I wanted to learn Haskell, and recently I really fell in love with the category theory. Now how exciting is that when you found that you can learn them both?
I just started it, and I guess it's a pleasure for any programmer who doesn't whine about math. It's free to read:
Or to build 😉

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    He also has YouTube lectures of the same material, great when you get stuck on something.

    @ceee this is that pdf I sent to you lol
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    @RememberMe oh the PDF I may or may not find useful. 😮
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    Just wanted to mention that I'm also learning Coq, topology and intuitionistic logic, and as you could guess currently I'm in some kind of a totally mind blown state. But most mind blowing of them all, is that how all of these meet in category theory.
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