Oh my god, this client. Everything is equally important. When finishing a feature halfway, a new future gets priority. Nothing is finished, this whole app is a bunch of loose ends. FML.

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    Learn to say "no" and "I will, once I've finished my first task". It works wonders.
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    Sounds like my ex-boss.
    He's a druggie.
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    @CoffeeNcode it’s a pretty big project, with a lot of people involved. I wish it’s this easy. But hey, they pay.
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    Us: "what are your requirements"
    Client: "x, y and z"
    Us: "great, we can do that by this time"
    Client half way until the deadline: "actually, we know we said these were the priority but could you add a, b and c. They are top priority but x, y and z are obviously still priority. We can only pay if these are all done in the same time that you agreed before. "
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    @cmarshall10450 get the original stuff written down in a contract and point to it when necessary
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