Do podcasts, tutorials, or presentations in general help you think differently or help you with your thought processes when programming?

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    - I don’t listen to podcasts.

    - Tutorials can be of assistance, but they usually only cover very basic implementations, which is far from what I need generally.

    - Presentations? I need an answer now now 10 minutes time.

    For the most part I find stepping away and thinking the problem through at a higher level the best solution, as you can get to focused on a small detail, without realising the bigger picture may contain the answer.
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    In my opinion, mentoring people helps a lot. Doing tutorials, etc. not that much. You can make a bad tutorial believing it's a good one.
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    @electron but if it’s bad why would I believe it’s good?
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    @Bubbles Bias. People can easily overestimate their own competence.
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