For fuck sake I get that people like python but not everyone is going to use it!

Just want a few articles or tutorials on interpreters and would you fucking look at that, it's all just in fucking python using external libraries...

Then I purchased a couple Linux and Raspberry pi magazines just to have a gander at some of the code examples and what do you think every single piece of code is? C? C++? Vala? Nope, fucking python!

I will eventually finish learning what I can about python but there are other languages that exist that isnt fucking python, give us some C, C# or even bloody JavaScript... Please

Ok rant about python over, back to my hole

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    Python should be relatively straightforward to translate to other languages though, that's why they use it. It's great for putting down the logic without getting bogged down in details (import meme "Python is executable pseudocode")

    And if I had to write a tutorial for maximum impact I would use python too, because it's popular and also the above point.

    I'm assuming the external libraries would be stuff like pyparsing, which you can implement on your own once you know what the code is using that library for.
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    Now if only we can get the linux fan boys to see this rant and apply it to their precious wittle OS (miss me with any of that "technically" bullshit about the kernel), and then realize it ain't for everyone.

    Ok back to my hole too bc I'm probably about to get attacked lol
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    @Stuxnet how dare you have a fucking opinion?!?!?!

    This is the internet heathen!
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    @lxmcf Basically how it be these days.

    I have a little more expectations for logical thinking and all, since we are typically pretty smart individuals in the IT/CS industry, but apparently the "passion" overwrites logic with some people these days.

    "Omg I fucked something up and Winblowsss stopped working!!! It fucking sucks!!1!!!!!11!"
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    But Python enables you to do with a 1 GHz Cortex-A what would require an 8051 8-bit-controller with C!
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    @Fast-Nop But you write it in 4 hours instead of three weeks :)
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    @ohemelaar if you have mostly wall power for the final device, if it doesn't need to be real time capable, and if cost doesn't matter. :-)
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    @Fast-Nop all that says is python is terrible for realtime embedded systems, which is an important field but hardly representative of programming in general.
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    @RememberMe the Linux kernel isn't exactly in Python either. Not even Python itself is in Python, which is closely connected to the second paragraph of the rant.

    Besides, for little tools, it doesn't matter. We used to use shell scripting, Perl and the like for that. But where the "today's computers are fast so why care" mentality finally gets us - well just see the next Android Studio rant.
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    It's the lowest common denominator. Even if you don't know python, you will understand what 90 percent of it does, and will be able to translate it to your language of choice. Try that with C or Perl.
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    @Fast-Nop again, all that implies is that Python is terrible for _production grade_ kernels and interpreters, which is totally expected because it was never designed for those use cases. If OP wanted to see those he could just look at CPython's source code, why bother with tutorials? A good tutorial is meant to teach you the topic and nothing else, and I think Python is totally justified here because interpreters would use similar logic across languages, just the implementation details would differ

    eg. automatic and wasteful use of memory in Python, lean but complicated use of memory in C, etc, but they express the same overall technique and translating one to the other should be fairly straightforward.
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    Just a little note, this isn't me hating on python (as much I don't like it) buy just saying some other languages would be handy because not everyone enjoys having to work with or port python code...

    Still personally think JavaScript is a superior language for use in this case but what would I know, I'm just a pleb ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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