We were talking about harddrives at work when someone was wondering if filling them with helium would make them spin faster... Then imagination took over!

"But helium balloons float, right... So would helium filled hard drives float..? Probably not due to weight but imagine dropping a hard drive and seeing it float towards the ceiling.."

"John, the delivery guy has a box with new harddrives downstairs, could you go get them?
*shouts* John did you get them? Just don't open the box outside!! No, no, NOOO DON'T OPEN IT OUTSIDE! JOHN, THE HARDDRIVES, BE CAREFUL, DON'T OPEN THE BOX OUTSI.....
*harddrives floating by the window into the air*

"*walks into the office, harddrives floating against the ceiling* goddammit John, not again"

"John, why are you putting one kilometer long cables on those harddrives?
*John let's them float into the air towards the clouds*
We offer cloud storage!"

(We have a usual office building ceiling)
"John, I need a 1tb harddrive, where are those?
Uhm... C12!

*takes a ladder and walks towards c12 to pluck one from the ceiling*"


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    Hahaha you guys are a never ending source of entertainment!
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    Helium-filled hard drives do exist actually! https://blog.westerndigital.com/ris...
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    I smirked at it until i started thinking about how little a difference in weight there would be if the whole harddrive's volume was replaced with helium. Thinking about it I'm surprised harddrives arnt vacuum sealed. with the absence of air, resistance should be lower but i don't think it would make any noticeable difference
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    Cloud storage ☁️
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    @Brosyl I'm aware. It's the same idea as filling the entire thing with helium. Making a harddrive air tight wouldn't be a good thing
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    So this meme is true with Helium based HDDs?
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    I just started laughing so hard at the office XD
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