I took apart 2014 Mac Mini today. I don't wanna ever do that again. It was horrible experience.

Also fuck Torx TR6 screws.

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    Why did you do it? I have one that I'd like to eventually put an SSD into.
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    @monkeyboy well... To replace that sluggish HDD with SSD. It feels super snappy now, loads blazing fast and doesn't stutter like it used to
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    I used to work as an Apple tech, I feel your pain. If you want a truly nasty experience try replacing the motherboard (“logic board” in Apple speak) on a standard “MacBook”. The number of snapped cables and connectors we had doing those repairs was insane.
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    @Diactoros tbh I was in constant panic that I will break something. The way of removing the logic board after unscrewing way is really bizarre (the fact that I didn't had that logic removal tool really didn't help, so I had push it out with my fingers). And to access HDD tray itself, I had to remove everything else, that is not only logic board, but also power supply...

    Plus after installation of that SSD, I had to take it out again, because I forgot to format it and Mac wouldn't want to boot from USB with High Sierra on it (that was the only macOS version I had downloaded, so now I gotta update it to Mojave).
    Also I forgot to plug in the fan on first boot...
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    @SHA-16384 yes. Plus some video on YouTube
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    @SHA-16384 I actually quite like to work on that Mac and code on it, because of how silent it is. It rarely uses fan, plus with SSD it's dead silent and quick enough
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