I finally have some motivation to write some personal code... on an existing project.

(Work has been too hectic the last few months so don't want to do anymore at home...)

Anyway... I noticed that my Prime Video Tracker app doesn't pick up some of the new Movies now available on Prime, so I did some fixing.

Good News (GN): The search URL is actually static so can goto the same URL for the same search results
GN: The program can filter the movies by a Minimum # of Ratings they have (currently set to 100... use to be 10)

Bad News (BN): The number of movies in the search results is over 5000 (used to be 100-200) so even with this filter, a lot get returned.

GN: the traversal is fully automated

BN: Need to manually look at the descriptions of each and add them the Watchlist

BN: I now have 200 movies on my Watchlist and still going...

So now I have another "Infinite list". Existing ones:
-TED Talks
-Blinkist Read List
-Comics (sort of, I have a huge backlog for Cyanide and Happiness)
-Photos that need "post-processing"

I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting some others...

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