After past few weeks of procrastination, finally began finishing my mobile app for my finals.

Not gonna lie, I've spent 2 weeks researching Flutter, and it seems it has at least 90% of stuff I need (I like dart, and I do not like java).

Now after I wrote a tiny bit of code, I noticed there's still stuff I do not understand, thus more research is needed. All of that for ~20 lines of code, then more research, then 2 lines of code, research, start everything over because I fucked up, again, and agian, again.......

Now that I've gotten that out, time to cook some appealing UI.

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    I subscribed to u pls follow up with ur experience. I'm currently thinking about starting with flutter coming from angular
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    @noogli will try to followup as much as I can :D Flutter seems to be neat, but Angular was too complicated (considering I tried switching from Vuejs).
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    @fico45 after 2 years of angular I still think it in the beta version 7
    And my fear is that I'll have the same experience with flutter :/
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    @noogli those details I do not know, as I reeeeeally lack experience. As from my begginer (junior) aspect, Flutter feels okay. :)
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