I only finished my CS degree last year but while I was a student and after I got my degree I went for a few interviews and none of the companies really asked me what degree I have or didn't ask at all, some just asked what I was studying. All of the companies asked what I can do and what my skills are. If I can do it, they were happy to hire me even if I didn't have a degree.

So to answer the question, a degree is not useful if you still don't know how to program (for example) or if you don't know your field well. If you are good at what you do, you will earn crazy money with or without a degree.

I know a few people that don't have a CS degree but their programming skills are crazy good...probably much better than a uni graduate with a CS degree.

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    While having a degree in cs is an accomplishment, what you will find is the most companies want people with a degree mainly because it shows you have a capacity to learn and retain complex information, methodologies, technologies.

    If you are looking for a software development job then having a cs degree helps but you will find you you will learn much much more in your first year than you did in the four years you spent studying.

    I have a degree in software engineering and computer science, and to be honest I can actually say that I’ve not used a thing I learn during my studies as the whole computing industry and technology move at a phenomenal rate and most of the stuff they taught is actually out of date when you leave. The only things that you really use is the methodologies which you can apply to any programming environment.
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    @bluescreen I couldn't agree with you more.
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    Have a degree is helpful in a hell lot of sense. Mind my words.
    Having only a degree is of no use. You got to have skills, the knowledge and most importantly, passion.
    A degree in CS just means that you can go through the usual college hustle. Now if it is right or wrong is completely debateable but the point is if you have a degree and the required knowledge base you clearly show that you can go through the regular college hustle and come out as a professional.
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