Small laptop recommendations? Highest 15" I'll be installing Linux and mostly be programming doing research etc so don't need anything too power intensive I'm currently looking at the star lite ultrabook / laptop. Needs are long battery life, great keyboard.

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    @irene price is whatever it comes too really but if I had to set a figure around £600/700
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    I'm using Dell Latitude E5450. It's a bit dated (5th gen), so you'd probably like to go with something newer, but Latitudes are definitely worth checking out. Battery life was about 5 hours initially. Keyboard is nice if you like pronounced click that needs quite a bit of force to register.
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    Been using a Zenbook with Ubuntu and Manjaro last couple of years, no real problems so far.
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    ThinkPad always
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    1st choice: Lenovo E-Series, or T/X-Series if money doesn't matter.

    2nd choice: Dell, but be careful, some have a really silly keyboard layout.
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    @ddephor wanna see my Lenovo E series laptop? (A rhetorical question btw)
    It is crap. I don't recommend it.
    Keyboard layout: BAAAAAD!
    Why? F4 is the very next button to Vol_up.
    Support is shit.
    Fuck Lenovo
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    Dell XPS for sure, I can confirm it has an excellent battery life and keyboard
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- I use Lenovo E-Series for personal use for more than 10 years and I'm happy with them.

    They could be a bit less expensive or alternatively use some more metal parts for the price, but the overall quality is good.

    And the best part of it is the keyboard, the layout has all main keys on separate keys, no Fn-bullshit, Fn only for special functions like volume/brightness/etc. And typing is really good for a laptop keyboard. And I absolutely love the clickpads, which all other brands dismissed years ago.

    I never needed support, because I never had any issues. It just works.
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    priority list?

    price / weight / size / (you said no specs but minimum?)
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    @kfalencik hell yeah brother
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