So.. this is what happens when programmers are given crayons and paper..

We write our robot's source code out by hand and use it as a table cloth.

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    I'm down with that
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    Bury it somewhere and confuse the fuck out of archaeologists from 3000+ AD
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    @RememberMe plus staining it with coffe, burning the edges and put two sticks on the borders 😂 and make it a tendence, doesn’t sound like a bad idea
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    That's about as cool as a table cloth is going to get
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    @RememberMe I think that's paper, it would have degraded by then.
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    computerphile is that you?
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    By hand? Why it isn't the robot writing its own source code? (preferably by navigating between obstacles on the desk and filling parts of the code only on the parts of paper, which are currently free)
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    Looks like a scroll.
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    @ewpratten ./table build && ./table deploy
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    May I ask if that is paper? I wonder what type of paper it is??? So big and long and greasy... Is it recycled paper?
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    @CozyPlanes not sure what it is called. It's like the stuff that meat and fish sometimes is wrapped in.
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    @ewpratten oilpaper?
    And that paper is in one piece? Did you eat a shark or something? lol
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    @Niss 😂😂😂
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    I remember when I was in FIRST Robotics in high school then volunteered, then later went to work for CTRE, wrote many drivers for their products, and portions of the Java and C++ API back for the 2015 and 16 season. Good times, but those days are gone.

    Good to see programmers on teams are still doing crazy shit lol
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    @QuanticoCEO just saying, the CTRE codebase is my largest source of nightmares.

    What drugs where you guys doing when you decided to start your variables with underscores in your example code??
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    @ewpratten ha... that was after I left. I don’t remember any code of such nature.
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