I've been a part of this industry for over two decades, found myself scraping and clawing my way up, recently leaving a high paying position to create my own company; in an attempt to fix the things I feel are severely broken within the ones I've worked for in the past.

Sometimes, we are challenged in ways we never thought we would be. And, it should always result in the improvement of something we never thought would be possible to improve.

There's a certain beauty of hitting a personal impasse. Because it allows you to choose a better path for yourself - which is a key element in accepting and conquering any one of life's many challenges.

So, just remember, we are - by nature - problem solvers. So what the fuck would we do, without a problem to solve?

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    Exactly this, I have a strong belief that more than problem solvers, we are problem creators. What would your life look like without a problem to solve? If you had all the money in the world, how long would it take for you to randomly create some problem just so your life has a purpose?
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    @myss I wouldn't say problem creators, but definitely problem seekers.
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    We are exception handlers
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    Our industry is go to office, sit, study and fix bugs, then do some non paid overtime and go home. Chained to the Rhythm
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    "Chained to the Rhythm"

    sounds like a song by Tool.
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