Started using dvorak (programmer version) yesterday, so have a question for people who uses it, how long it took for you to get somewhat used to it?

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    @SHA-16384 Ok, doctor diagnosed RSI on my wrist and gave two weeks sick leave so perhaps I manage learn basics in that time so I can somewhat comfortable use it
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    Can someone explain why so many people here try to learn different keyboard layout? You certainly won't be more productive than with your current one. It just seems like a huge waste of time to me.
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    @hitzoR Dvorak is well known for less movement when typing English, less movement = less unnecessary strain on fingers and wrists.
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    @amatrelan There are exceptions like genetic problems to this, but why so many people do things like spending thousand dolars on special chairs, standing tables, vertical mouses or trying to learn different keyboard layout, when there is a simple fix for any back or wrist pains and problems - excercise. Just 30 minutes 3 times a week is enough and I never had any problems whatsoever, even when I'm sometimes sitting in front of pc for like 15 hours a day.
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    @hitzoR That's true (might be a part of reason I got RSI) I play tennis few times in week. But don't understand why you are so against changing keyboard layout, it's free and you also have it already installed
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