So my CTO comes to me and asks me to checkout the APIs provided by a particular service and see if we can use them.

After two days of research I go to him and tell him that it cannot be done and it doesn’t fit our use case. He tells me research more although I have researched everything required.

So I take two days doing absolutely nothing, send a mail to the developer of the apis and they tell me that it can’t be done.

Now imagine this kind of scenario occurring every three months. RESEARCH MORE.

Why do super senior members of our company don’t trust me. It’s just so random and anger evoking

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    Because they already promised some one higher up it can be done?
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    Document your findings and have him read it. Have the other developer read it too, maybe he'll have suggestions.
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    The CTO does not count as a senior, the CTO is the ultimate manager, hence the ultimate stupid requests
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    Hate to break this to you, but it's equally your own fault. If you give up and take another two days to «research», you are admitting that you did not exhaust all possibilities and do the research properly in the first place. This implies that next time you say you did the research exhaustively, he can't trust you and have to ask you to do it again. That email to the devs tou could also have sent the first time around. You have to stand up to your CTO and stand your ground on that you did it properly the first time. Make it clear that you won't research more because there isn't more to be researched, and say that you will be working on something else.
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