I'm having a DAY.

it's like I'm trying to "2+2=4" and hitting "unknown operator =", figure that out, get "22" back, fix that, then math service is down, redeploy math service, wait 30 minutes, that's up, get "out of numbers" exception, turns out a dependency updated and now I have to register what "2" means, fix that, FINALLY get 2+2 to evaluate, I get 5. Figure that out, get 4! 4!!! FINALLY. Push it. Get 55 on the server. Gets 4 on my machine, getting some random 55 from the server.

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    I've had days like that. No matter what you do, it always fails. Always. Doesn't matter what you're doing or how simple, everything fails endlessly.

    Sounds like you need a reset. Go to sleep and let the world sort itself out.
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    @Root I'll just imagine you with a big ol' wisdom beard from now on 😍
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    How comes your pipeline takes up 30 minutes?
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    The math server is down.. lol. That was me two days ago. Basic words server was 500 alllll day.
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    @dennie170 stupid reasons I could address given the time to do so :) but we're in FEATURE MODE ©
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