This man explaining equals in JavaScript deserves a reward

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    SO needs more people like this, less basement dwelling assholes

    Also strive to be this fluent with explanations.
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    @Stuxnet this guy is inspiring, I always assumed people understood this stuff, but that is only because I started with logic gates and assembler back in the day..

    I mentioned this a few months back but I’m really considering making a YouTube channel or a book, that imo teaches programming from the ground up, assuming the reader or viewer knows absolutely nothing..

    It’s sad that people don’t know this I don’t blame them.. I blame their teachers and mentors they had. If they learned on their own.. well I apologize and cheers them, and would gladly take anyone under my wing to pass the knowledge down. The issue with me is putting my knowledge is a reader “friendly” way.

    If I got all the “veterans”, like uncle bill and others and my self together and built like a committee, to build the perfect “programming bible” from the ground up all the concepts, standards, everything from Assemblr to scripting languages.. from the compiler to the debugger.. explain everything in detail, AND key** mention key points from our experiences why this or that is important to know or what helps us blah blah ..

    I think we could build a more stronger community of developers to push us into more advanced technology and stable software.
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    @Cesar I'm pretty sure the reward is given as the answer is both accepted and have a score of more than 100: https://stackoverflow.com/help/...

    If you truly think a reward is deserved, then I don't understand why you didn't upvote (I assume) and link to the answer, and why you shared a picture of only half of the answer ;)

    Now go here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/...
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    He still really could have explained this better.
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    It goes without saying that the boolean interpretation of JS when x==2 should be 'tralse'
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    I posted once to SO and some assholes just downvoted my question to hell and said that I should have higher rating before asking a question. Like how am I supposed to get higher rating if I am new here.

    Never posted again
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    Yaa false bool can only be 1 and 2 then by default return false ... I know exception will be better but is javascript
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    Lol my main rule about JavaScript is this:

    If you’re not sure, don’t assume anything!
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