Back to my web development teacher, we were learning how to do images, I already know stuff so and I was already done, and like 85% of the class didn’t get it to work, because she said, "save the image to your desktop" and do it like src='image.png'. The HTML file wasn’t even on the desktop.

She said this happens "all the time" and she will have to contact the school server administrator because it’s the server’s fault.

Great fun.

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    Don't be a dick and show them the mistake then.
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    That attitude "ha! i know this! all of it" will come and bite you later in life. And you've wished you'd paid attention in class instead of thinking of your self that you're the best. Telling you that from my own experience 😢
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    @heyheni Good point, I always do pay attention and do take notes, and I definitely have learned stuff I did not know before.
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