I haven't had anything dev related to rant about in a few weeks due to the fact that I haven't done any developing in a few weeks. I have a lot of personal shit going on that I'm slowly getting past. Basically some shit went down, the girl I posted about a few times, we're just friends at this point. My best friend won't talk to me and hasn't in about 2 weeks now. Fun.

Then there's the fact that I have school Monday through Friday, and work Thursday through Sunday, so I get zero days off. So I just..don't have the time to do developing right now. But, here's a kinda funny story (not that funny)

So this Sunday, I was leaving work. I decided to roll my car's window down to say bye to a few people as I was pulling out of the parking lot. It was cold so I went to roll my window back up....and it's fucking stuck. I'm sitting in about 15°F (-9.5°C) with no driver's side window. Turned out the fucking motor that moves the window had died. And I had no money to get it replaced. So I did the logical thing, I called my mom to try and figure out what I should do. She was asleep but my dad picked up. He called me a dumbass and said he'd pay to get it fixed, since it was his car before and he never told me that the window was faulty.

Actually got it fixed just yesterday by my cousin. Then I went to get my paycheck (a whole $200!) since my work has my name spelled wrong in their system so I currently can't do direct deposit (gonna talk to the general manager about that tomorrow). And now I'm just sitting in bed, waiting for my check to go through. (As I was typing that last sentence, someone from my bank called actually). I would really appreciate that $200 right now, cause I have about $2 after paying for car insurance and gas and stuff. I actually need to fill up my gas soon too..

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    I forgot to mention, it's also a very close friend's birthday today, and I got to talk to her for a bit earlier (I don't get to see her very often, she's extremely busy most of the time). So today's looking pretty good so far.
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    @irene My work is probably a 20 minute drive from my house, and I'm looking for any opportunity for a better paying job that might be closer to my house. But as of right now, I simply have to have a car to get there, especially when I work after school. I have to come home from school, change, then head over there, all within an hour.

    But I can say that I've been working more hours for this pay period, so my next check should come out to around $300.

    Plus I live in a place where it's fairly hard to get around without a car. Public transportation doesn't pass anywhere near my house, so I would have to walk a good 25+ minutes to reach one of their stops.

    The hard part is just getting stuff started. Plus it was my first check that was more than a single shift that payed for insurance and everything, so I simply haven't had the chance to save any money just yet.

    Also I'm good on insurance until the 24th when I pay it again, I just need to pay for gas as of right now.
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