My first rant is that I'm finding arrow functions unreadable.

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    Welcome to devrant :)
    It's training... I'm now at the point that I hate looking at normal functions. Go, call me spoiled! But consistent of arrow functions and promises is just pure bliss.
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    Depends. If used instead of function (){} then arrow is ok. If used instead of function FuncName (){} then heck no.
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    Welcome to devrant, i advise you dont try functional languages
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    I Love it, because this is what i think it shuld be. You get use to the syntax quite fast... However i like:
    (data) => {}
    more than
    data => {}

    The same with let. Finally variabler limited to code blocks. And No wierd var always declared att the start of the Scope... Its declared where i declare it. :-)
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