How do you do to get going quickly again after leaving code unfinished? To-do comments? Separate notes? Something else?

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    compiler error messages …

    Seriously, normally i add comments with plans for the near future (idk, how the alg should work or what i want to add).

    Or I just didn't. Forget use comments and probably die after hours to try understanding my own crap.
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    Usually to-do comments, but I always write them at the beginning of implementation (or as reminders to revisit, once main logic is implemented) to make my intention clear to myself. Anyway, to answer your question, I honestly remember code I wrote one year ago, it would take me a few minutes to figure out why I did something the way I did, that’s even less a problem to remember my intentions the next day or after the weekend. Of course unfinished work after longer period of time (holiday?) may be harder to remember, so to-do is my way to go.
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    TODO (asgs) - DO IT!
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    My approach is:

    Hibernate computer so that when you start again you're back right where you left off - all the browser tabs, editor windows, you name it. Helps me a lot to remember what I was doing.

    Also adding several todos so that I get everything out there. Just like when writing code comments, I like to imagine that I'll be reading my notes in a year or more. For me, it's either that or overestimate my memory.

    Also writing and sketching on paper...

    The goal is to do such a good job documenting that I have a snapshot of my brain, that way I can totally LET GO and not feel like I have to remind myself of what I was doing so that I don't lose it.
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    @natinaum Haha. Welcome :)

    @gintko Writing them before seems smart :) Like documentation and tests ;)

    @ihatecomputers Yeah, hibernation helps a lot. Works for a few days and then my computer gets a little tired. Much easier to restart than clearing processes or whatever. Though during that restart is when I forget the most it feels like 😅
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    Todo comments and manual notes in my notebook or post it notes. To be creative :)

    Also if you have a project manager then he/she will remind you if you forgot it
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    @Devnergy Project manager? Haha, no such thing here no ;)
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