I think I've reached a new level of procrastination, where I write the whole program in a comment in pseudocode instead of actually writing it in a programming language.

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    Yes, all you have to do is write a translator and generate code out of comments/docs
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    @M1sf3t In fact I already keyed about 1000 rows into several files, it's just that there's a point where I'm kinda tired but don't want to lose my ideas so I write them in a comment, and in the end there are many functions with entire bodies like this. Normally it doesn't look like legit python though, just vague ideas on how certain cases should be handled.
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    @asgs I could bootstrap one. :)
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    At least it's a start. My first programming professor taught us to write code like this. Comment a well thought out procedure. Then write code for each line afterwards. It was great when it worked, but obviously only for small to mid sized projects.
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    Funnily enough I write a lot of my code how I think it should be (shadowcoding it) and then i just iterate over the structure throwing out bugs and I am done. Sometimes I just write code from nothing and it does stuff correct.
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