Lately I've sort of feel like I've personally plateaued... Outside of work, which is still not very challenging, I don't have any personal problems I want to solve. It sorts feels like for everything I want there's either an app I can download or already built (or at least 90% of it and just needs some adjustments or repurposing).

The strange part is it's getting replaced by solving/looking at algorithm problems.

Originally I was going to do mobile + React but I just don't feel motivated anymore... Even if I did build it I doubt I'd use it and I don't have any mobiles apps I want either...

Maybe I'm just really bored at work so now the equation makes sense...

Bored + would like better job == algorithm puzzles

Though I still need to figure out what to do with my reading list and prime videos... They've sorta been backgrounded... And maybe even devrant as well...

Oh yes haven't watched my big TV for over a month....

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    Time to do something different then... learn a new lang (reason, rust, ...), switch field (ML, games, ...), get inspiration (meetups, change work, new communities, ...)
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    I feel you, I have the same issue
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    i'm having this problem too...
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