Yesterday we released this huge refactoring/rewrite I did alone so it was my task to release and fix any upcoming problems. Not that I would have died to refactor a huge part of the codebase but technical debt was waiting to kill us on upcoming features.

Deployment is done by ssh'ing into prod and pulling from git. I'm happy I could convince them to track a dedicated release branch... Why would we want to build anything? What is automation?

Debian 8 with MySQL 5 community edition... Throws some internal error on my use of JSON functions. Thankfully I was allowed to switch prod to MariaDB but updating packages caused segfaults with the PHP MySQL connector. This is why you need NixOS!

Prod is a 4 core 4 GB VM that would take forever to run migrations. Also no disk space. Had to copy the whole db to staging (which is much more powerful and on Debian 9? diverging environments in the same data center...), migrate there and and pipe back mysqldump directly into ssh while in my neck I feel another client's project that I have about half a week left to finish.

It's Monday night. Customer has a full office of over 50 users at 8 AM.

Almost fell asleep in the car the next day, and I think I have RSI in my enter finger now.

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