So i managed to install Arch...
after i connect to a wi-fi network and enter the password with wifi-menu its says ”connection failed”

Anything i find on the internet doesnt work.

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    @arraysstartat1 I had more problems with wifi on wkndows than on linux
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    @HampusMa did you try wpa_supplicant yet?
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    @b3b3 What do you mean?
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    Just use 'wpa_passphrase ur_ssid ur_passwd > /etc/wpa_passphrase-interface.conf'
    Where interface is your wifi devices interface name (obtained from ip a or something). This should write your wifi config file.

    Then just set up a systemd service with

    'systemctl enable wpa_supplicant@interface.service' which makes ur wifi thingie start on boot.

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    Welcome to the Arch Experience.
    Where the simplest thing can turn into a 2 day shitshow
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    Personally, I prefer the NetworkManager and NetWorkManager-tui (the command for it is 'nmtui' when they're installed).
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    @beggarboy I don't want to start a os war but thats not specific to arch.
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    @b3b3 Do I need to continue with the malware shit show AUR had?
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    @beggarboy what does that have to do with setting up wifi now?
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    @b3b3 That arch often gets people very quickly that think they know how to do things with linux in general.

    What I just don't like about arch is that you have to modularize everything you wanna have yourself. It might be nice for having a fully customized work environment, but for me after being through this process aswell, things just turn to absolute shit when something doesn't work.
    I've found myself very often having to do things that felt like I shouldn't have to manually.
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    Arch in two words.
    Finicky bitch.
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    @theKarlisK OMFG thank you nmtui worked! fucking finally
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    if it asks you to "keep the profile xyz" hit no. run

    netctl list

    and see what pops up; if you see items pop up, run

    rm /etc/netctl/item-name

    and run wifi-menu again
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