My co-workers are so nice. They said I can talk to them anytime if I get bored and to feel free and ask them to join me whenever I'm hungry and want to eat outside. Of course, I did what every grateful, social animal would do:

Sit in front of my desk for hours pretending I'm not hungry despite my stomach growling and packed lunch in advance so I can eat them on my desk tomorrow like a pathetic, friendless loser.

You can't separate me from my desk. My desk is my soulmate. I live here now.

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    desk is love, desk is life.
    who need people?
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    They are trying to seduce you or what?
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    Irene is jealous
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    BTW, don't eat at your desk. Go away from it and eat without thinking about work issues at all.
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    It's like you're trying to make your life as miserable as possible. Why?
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    @irene @endor It's a terrible habit I'm trying to break. I'm a very slow eater and most guys inhale their food in like 10 minutes. When I see them about to finish, I feel the pressure to eat faster then my stomach hurts. Not to mention that restaurants serve food after 10-20 minutes and if I'm being honest, I need an hour or more to consume that food on my natural pace.

    I think I'll ask them out some time this month once I get my first paycheck. I'm new after all.
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    Yeah lunch at desk is something i have been trying to avoid. I now force myself to get out of the office building.
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    @rutee07 you should get rid of that pressure to speed up your eating. Why should you do that, anyway?
    You do you, eat your food at whatever speed you like. It's not like they have any say in your personal habits and preferences.

    On a semi-related note: may I suggest reading "12 Rules for Life" by J. B. Peterson?
    I'm halfway through it, and I have to say it's an excellent book to read if you're trying to get your life together.
    And unlike those useless self-help books (the "be good and the universe will smile upon you" kind), it's actually a very deep and well-written book by a badass psychologist. You should look him up on youtube to get an idea of the man, he's quite an interesting person.
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    @endor Thanks. I'll check it out. Part of it is some pressure I've had since childhood when eating with family members. My aunt would often humiliate and rush me in public restaurants when I don't eat as fast she does so I get a good scolding served with my meals. I'm trying to slow down these days though.

    I've been collecting some book suggestions from devRant users, actually. I plan to order them all this March. Let me know if you have other interesting books to suggest.
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    @rutee07 ouch, that must have been rough.

    I'll let you know if I find any more interesting books (though it's unlikely, since I barely started reading again myself, and I'm taking my time with this one).
    I'm also open to suggestions, if you have any.
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    @endor I'll let you know if I find some good ones.
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