Loading bar day.

100GB project.

- Get the project from source control
- Open project in unity3D and convert assets.
- Switch target platform.
- Press Compile button.
- Install on target hardware.

Going home.

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    Is it because they give you slow hardware or does it really require that much time compiling a game?

    The largest project I compiled was Android OS took 2.5 hours on a Core 2 Quad, but that's just 15GB project

    I'm not a game dev nor like Unity lol so I don't know ...
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    @gitpush i5-7600K CPU. And SSD.
    each step just takes long. moving files, Compressing, reading writing. transfering. etc
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    @0x0000FFFF SSD good, I5 is bad for this type of tasks. They should have at least got an I7, or a decent build server. Lots of time will be wasted with these specs :\
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    Oh good ol asset pipeline, the main reason I will never miss Unity. Such garbage.
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    @gitpush (forgive me if I'm mansplaining something you already know).

    You're making a game, and you want to build it for PC. Unity will scrape your folder for jpegs, pngs, sound files, videos, etc to construct the binary files necessary for Windows.

    So you watch a long progress bar as it builds for Windows.

    Then you want to build for iOS, so in the project settings you switch the platform. NEW progress bar as it builds destination versions of all those same assets for iOS.

    Then you switch back to PC. NEW progress bar. etc etc

    This pipeline can take literal hours. They offer an "asset cache server" to help relieve some of this pain but it sucks (in my experience). Most developers resort to keeping redundant copies of their project.


    They put you through this hell strategically because there is a paid cloud service they try to funnel you towards. It's expensive, but it beats the lava pit that is trying to build your game with your own computer.
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    @stisch damn that sucks man, if Gradle takes more than two minutes I get angry 🙄
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    @gitpush imagine if Gradle said, "tired of waiting? We can run your build.gradle in our cloud service for only $70/month!"
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    @stisch That sucks, but I think Apple might do it, they tend to charge people for anything, let's hope they wont charge us for breathing ...
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    Omg. Switching platform in unity takes absolutely fucking forever.
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    @gitpush the funny thing is unity was originally build as a mac is game engine.
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    @Brolls just rename the library folder so you have a copy for every platform and then switch them as you need or have multiple coppys of the git project so you only need to pull the changes and start unity again for the needed platform.
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