can you imagine that problem?

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    Mo money, mo problems I guess...I'll take 28 million off his hands any day.
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    I see your point, but tbh he deserves it. He worked hard to get to this point. Not everyone is able to work their ass off to achieve such a goal. Such people have been through a lot of tears, pain and losses in the past and still are. We only want to see what we want to see. In this case only the positive results of them while pretending that they have been rich and happy all their lives along.

    I'm not saying that only people with success have worked hard etc.. There are people who are not successful and struggle in life, but still work hard to find the balance.
    I am also not saying that every rich person is rich, because they worked hard. A lot of them might have (or even have had) rich parents.

    We should begin seeing the positive and the negative sides of each individual person. And not only the consequences, but also the past. That is my message.
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    Tell my why someone don’t want to be richer first?
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- what kind of pain and losses do you have to go through to deserve getting two lifetime earnings per hour?
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    @SanitizedOutput surrender ur soul to the evil
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    *raises hand*

    i'll do it...
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    @SanitizedOutput Lots of thinking, planning, and hard work. Knowledge of how money works, too.
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    We only see what we want to see.*

    I can't edit my previous comment anymore. Dammit.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- so has he worked that much harder then you? Or anyone else on this? I mean if bezos deserves his wealth in the 100s of billions for how hard he has worked I should at least be breaking a million.
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    @river226 reread my comment properly and you will find your answer on your own
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- yeah I did... Please re-read my comment. I take issue not with his success and being rewarded by it but the scale, and asked if you were okay with it.
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    @river226 yes I am perfectly okay with it. He earned it. You’re not, or else you would be in his position. We all work hard, but it is a matter of what we work hard on, and when.

    One day it’ll happen to you if you put in the effort he did, so why complain? Why cry about him not sharing the wealth he earned? Communism fails for a reason.
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    @wawa way to jump to communism, it really tells me your grasp on this is really solid, and you would totally be worth debating the nuances of this with.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- he worked hard to begin with, but let’s not forget his parents put over 250k into Amazon, that is an opportunity the vast majority of people don’t have the luxury of.

    I don’t doubt he worked hard, but it’s easy to focus on the company when you’ve not got any personal financial pressures...

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    Am I evil?

    Co worker grabs my keys today and says what is on this usb? As co-worker attempted to put it into laptop. I yelled don't do that unless you want to cook your laptop. It is a USB killer! and I promise it will destroy your computer.

    Co-worker throws keys back to me and says why do you even have that.... You are evil!

    So I'm like Wtf if someone steals my keys and they are stupid /nosey enough to plug in some random USB on my keys then hahahhahahahahhaa you deserve it.

    So am I evil? Really?
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