Any tips on getting into open source development? Listings of projects in search of devs? I have done next to zero contribution to the open source community and would like to change that.

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    Best way is to find a project you use and are passionate about and contribute. Look in their issue tracker for ideas of what to look at.
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    The dev.to community publishes posts for open source projects in search of contributors every month: https://dev.to/ben/.... Dev.to & devrant itself are also open to contributions :)
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    lurk on github and ask people if they want a hand
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    What kind of dev are you? I am managing an opensource project, its still in its beginning phase but Ive already got some people from across europe helping me. (I have not made it completely public so I was amazed people found it.)

    We work with golang (personally no experience with it) on the server and im making the frontend with vue and typescript, although Im mainly writing and documenting at the moment.
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    @Codex404 Interesting. Where can I read more about the project? I know typescript, and I'm usually working in React
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    @webketje awesome resource, thanks!
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