Hey guys, if you are a member of the computer class in school, what would you do in the festival in which you introduce your class to others and do some interesting activities.
I need to answer this question in a school computer class new-person Interview so I would love to get your help!
For example, playing a game we made etc.
Or some mini game ideas

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    Depends on what you are doing in the class. If purely coding then i guess it would be fun that you make a game and he tries to break it as fast as possible and vice versa. If you are good in networking and Linux then maybe a little hackathon would be real fun. Like set up a server that is vulnerable and try to get root on it. Maybe 2 teams.
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    I once networked some raspberry pis to demo a local pan Quake game to market my universities IEEE CS branch. Showing cool stuff you can do with computers is the best way to go, so maybe do some games or better yet make a demo people can use to "make" their own game
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    Something mildly interesting for the more prepared might be a simple explanation of some code, maybe even explaining the code running an example aforementioned video game. Out of curiosity, what language is your computer class focusing on, if any?
    Also; an extension about the above quake game idea, maybe show the server output on a seperate screen as they play?
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    Just a simple computer class at school... Mainly C and the festival is targeted to normal kids who have no idea about coding. I have one more left...
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    I would shout, “I’m hella gay!”
    And fan out my wings to the newcomers.
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    @growling it's a boy school. very dangerous lol
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