The real og

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    Don't quite understand why people don't do it more often. Doesn't take that much time in the now and can save you days of work in the later.
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    @Dropkick500 some prefer to write code that is easy to read

    I still comment tho
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    @devTea You're saying you can't comment and write readable code?
    Inb4 "Self Documenting Code"
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    @Dropkick500 yeah that’s what I meant, although I have no problem with commenting one’s code
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    I think because many developer think "my code is explanation enough" and thus doesn't need additional comments... but if yout write bvad code the explanation ist bad too
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    Then I deserve a tombe I write all the documentation as well
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    my goal is to make my code read like an english language novel. I do comment though :)
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