Okay, managed to negotiate with my manager to deploy our first Lambda + Golang service. Muehehe. Let's have some fun!!!

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    Golang is so much fun. Had to write a thing that reads hundreds of GB of Json and pulls out items in Json array. The result in go is less than 5 MB RAM and it's faaaast
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    I'm thinking about starting to learn Go. Any good resources / books you can recommend?
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    @ThermalCube I paid for a course on udemy. Todd McLeod is the teacher. It's really good. You get 2 courses for 20usd. The first includes tutorial for people who have never programmed, so I did skip a little. But when the Go programming begins, it's really great. The second course is for web development.
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    @ThermalCube there is a wiki tutorial. That is, a tutorial to build a wiki. It's fun and does a good job of showing off the internal library
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    Well... Let's renegotiate.
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    @aizu <-- my actual manager 🤦‍♂️
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