Really Mozilla... Putting more of my data online is going to make me more secure...


Just fuck off with your incorrect marketing bullcrap or I'm going to switch to Basilisk full time!

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    Data redundancy does improve your security. Whether you trust them to handle your data properly or not is a separate issue, but technically they're correct.
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    @irene https://basilisk-browser.org/

    It's a community project forked form an older version of Firefox by the same people that made Palemoon.
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    Looks like all data is encrypted so that only you can decrypt it. Password managers can be seen to improve security, so I think they have a fair point there.
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    @iamavalos no, in general that will mean people will make easier passwords, use passwords multiple times etc. This because people want to use their accounts on multiple devices. This is proven in multiple researches.

    It could be that its not the case for you, but it is for most people
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    @iamavalos It depends on the context and your definition of safe.
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    @linuxxx As in, do you mean safe as in that nobody but you can access the data? Don't store it online.
    Do you mean safe as in that your data isn't easily lost? I'd upload it somewhere (encrypted).
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    @iamavalos No, I think he just appended something to his comment.
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    @Brosyl You sure? Because it really looks like he was talking to himself...
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    @Brosyl Eh, I don't know. It could be a bit of both, I don't know actually ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .
    Anyway, if it were the case, I wouldn't be surprised : we're all mad here.
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    @iamavalos @Brosyl Appended to comment.
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    @linuxxx im pretty sure you were talking to yourself though :+
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