An old acquaintance of mine from university gets in touch with me about a graduate job in their company. They have terrible reviews regarding bad office politics etc but he says he really likes it and has a lot of room for growth via courses. Salary increases each year for 2 years and 'most' people get a promotion during that.

Should I be skeptical?

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    Where did you get this reviews?
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    @devTea money money
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    Are the reviews from developers or other departments? If they're from developers I'd probably pass if there are a lot of reviews saying the same thing, but if from other departments then it's less of a worry. A company that's great to work at for developers may suck for another department and vice versa.
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    @devTea glassdoor.co.uk, company FICO (not sure if I should name drop it though..)
    Out of 654 reviews there is a rating of 3.2/5 where the biggest concern is the pack of work life balance and a "very political" culture.

    @al-m need dat

    @nathanasius looking at the IT filter it seems that people aren't super happy.. but I do need a graduate job and the fact I was reached out to makes me wonder. It is not as if I replace that person but I would be added to work force. So I am unsure.

    Regardless I have told him "yes" so I can go through to other stages, as at least it will be interview practice
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    @SoulSkrix good strategy. Go through the process, you'll find out if it's gonna suck by asking questions, meeting the people you'd work with, etc. I'm skeptical of online reviews of companies sometimes because a lot of them seem to be "I didn't get a promotion because of politics and I should have" which could very well be true but may also be people whining about shit they didn't deserve. Best to investigate for yourself!
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    He's gonna get a referral bonus when they hire you, right?
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    @rutee07 haha, I don't think so. Companies don't work like that here from what I've seen (just pyramid scheme type work)
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