who can relate?

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    Obviously where I've been going wrong all these years..

    You'd think nuclear reactor designer would get you some traction in the job market these days..

    Well, its just a hobby really.

    Those things are sure expensive, and difficult to get shipped to your home address !
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    you're right, and the always nagging mailman with the 5 stories high package at the door is more than just annoying
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    I applied for an mobile app dev position... Never buit an app before, and I'm still going. Close to first release now 😁
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    @karma Did they give you any tests during the interview to determine if you knew anything ?
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    @Nanos nope, just nope
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    Ah, so the secret to getting a job is to ask beforehand, will there be any tests ?

    Actually that reminds me of a place I worked, where reading and writing was very important, but they didn't have a test for that, only a tick box on the application form "Can you read/write ?"

    After spotting a new member of staff apparently a bit lost, I quickly discovered they couldn't read anything.

    They was telling me how they got someone else to fill in the application form.

    At a management meeting I brought up this issue and when they asked how did I know they lied on their application form, I replied that they told me !

    After that, they did have a small written test.
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    I'm also reminded of a driving related job, where at first, they did no tests at all and just gave you the vehicles keys to drive !

    Then they introduced a test (After I complained..) where you had to drive forward a bit, and back a bit in a straight line..

    Not really the kind of test I had in mind..

    I didn't have a driving license so my first day, I found out that yes, you could go 40mph backwards..
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