Fuck. Fuck. Fucjkkkklkkkkkkkk.
Entire body hurts like hell but that might be due to my fall on skates in 30km/h but throat hurts. Cant breathe properly.
Oh nooooooo i have flu.
God fucking dammit whyyyyyyyyy ?

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    Get well soon bud
    We pray for you
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    Ugh that's the worst. I hate having colds/flu. Give me a stomach bug over that "can't breathe for three weeks" bullshit. At least that'd be over quicker. Hope you get well soon!
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    Damn. Me too. I've been trying to fight it since a few days ago. I barely finished my work shift yesterday because my throat hurts like hell. Now I have a fever. Can't do shit but I get bored out of my mind lying awake in bed. It's hard to sleep when it's hard to breathe. Get well soon for us both.
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    Thank you all. Indeed i wanted to write 5 pages to project document. I ended at 4 exhausted like hell. All because at 2 am it all started and i just coudlnt continue.
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    Me too.. day 4..
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