Anyone able to link me to some good reading material on compilers, interpreters, emulation and CPU design?

Keen to actually get some of this knowledge under my belt, don't mind if it requires a little investment as long as it isn't written in (fucking) python, preferably C if anyone knows of anything.

Thanks guys! :-D

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    @irene do you mean 'Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools' or something else?

    If so thanks for reminding me of that book
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    @irene ah awesome I'll hunt down a copy, got told about it ages ago and completely forgot about it
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    CPU design: Computer Organization and Design by Patterson and Hennessy for the higher level look

    Digital logic by Stephen Brown (either the Verilog or VHDL version) for a lower level view of digital circuits and hardware description languages.
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    Tanenbaum books:
    modern operating systems
    operating systems
    structured computer organization
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    Build Your Own Lisp is really approachable and great for understanding how to write a grammar and parse it properly.
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    @irene Oh man! The compiler tutorial I started MENTIONED the Dragon book and I hadn’t looked up what it was referring to yet!
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    Wikipedia says that Knuth wrote some books next to his TAOCP series. They contain a complete set of information for a computer architecture etc. This system should be able to run TeX. (This is what wikipedia says, I have not read any of his books except for the TeXbook and metafont)
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    @AmyShackles @irene well just ordered a copy of the dragon book, time to wait at my door till it arrives then binge read
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    @lxmcf If you want to start early, I found http://informatik.uni-bremen.de/agb...
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